Jennifer Lawrence Unseen L.A. Film Critics Awards

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We all know that Jennifer Lawrence had quite the time when she won Best Actress at the Academy Awards — she fell down the stairs while walking up to the stage! — but her acceptance speech from the L.A. Film Critics Awards just might top that. Though the awards took place back in January, the footage of her accepting her award just recently surfaced.

Jen’s Silver Linings Playbook co-star Bradley Cooper presented her with the award, and at the time, there were rampant rumors that the two were an item, so she started off the speech with a little joke about them as a “couple,” saying “I just found out about our relationship in the tabloids today, and I think we should break up.” She then joked about how she needed to take a breath after walking up all the stairs, then had a coughing attack in the middle of her speech.

After her cough, she said, “Sorry to everyone I shook hands with, I’m sick so you’re screwed.” As if that wasn’t enough, after that, while she was thanking the film’s director David O. Russell, she almost fell over and referred to herself as “all three of the Stooges.” To see what else went down in the hilarious speech, watch the video above! What do YOU think of Jen’s speech? Sound off in the comments!

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