And You Thought You Couldn’t be More Obsessed with Jennifer Lawrence…

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Every day we wake up and ask ourselves the same question — why isn’t Jennifer Lawrence our best friend yet? Like, SERIOUSLY; We’d be perfect together! And, let us tell you, today isn’t any different.

Jen’s Mockingjay co-star Elizabeth Banks recently had the 24-year-old actress on her very special YouTube show, Ask a Badass, and although we didn’t think it was possible, we’re MORE obsessed with her than ever before.

As expected from an interview between two of the greatest ladies in Hollywood, Elizabeth and Jen are both witty and sarcastic, while still remaining super humble and endearing. As J.Law describes it, it really IS like we’re just watching the two chat over lunch!

Check out the amazing full interview above to see what Jen revealed about the future of her ‘do, which (surprising) song describes her life perfectly and…ahem…some interesting THG couplings!

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