Jasmine V. – My Day. My Life.

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Jasmine V. is back with a brand-new single! The multi-talented singer is ready to drop the video for her new song “Paint a Smile,” but before it gets released on Tuesday January 22, Teen is giving you a behind the scenes look at the video’s shoot! Jasmine let our Teen cameras follow her around for the entire day as she shot the video, where she gives us an exclusive peek at what it’s like to put together something such as this.

Though the end results of a music video always seem glamorous, the work that goes into it is anything but! Jasmine starts off her day at 4:44 AM (!), where she had a long drive to the shoot’s location in the desert. That time might seem early, but Jasmine told us that she was “really, really” excited to shoot the vid, so she couldn’t sleep the night before! However, Jasmine did manage to catch a few Z’s in the car on the way there, so crisis averted.

Taking place at an abandoned hotel and gas station, the video is sure to have a gritty (but pretty!) look to it. Shooting got underway at 7 AM sharp, where Jasmine began getting her make up done. We don’t want to give too much away, but Jasmine told us that the concept behind the video is to “make the best” out of life’s not-so-pleasant situations, adding, “Just because you have a bad day, doesn’t mean you have a bad life.”

For more on this behind the scenes look, watch the video above, and make sure you watch Jasmine’s video for “Paint a Smile” when it drops on Tuesday January 22!

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