Janel Parrish Says We’ll “Find Out Who Killed Maya” on Season 3 Midseason Finale of Pretty Little Liars

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Were we terrified to interview Janel Parrish, aka Mona from Pretty Little Liars aka “A”? Nah. The girl is super nice and not-at-all creepy IRL, guys. But that doesn’t mean we didn’t ask her about all the super creepster details about playing the first member of the “A” team, like if she knew her character was a weirdo all along, the details that’ll be revealed on the mid-season finale (we’ll finally find out who Maya’s killer is!), and Janel’s own secret code language, also knows as — pig latin. Oh yeah, and then there was also that time that she called Toby a “loyal golden retriever.” Alrighty then.

Watch the interview above, and don’t forget to watch PLL tonight at 8pm on ABC Family!

Janel Parrish Answers Popcorn Questions!