LEGO Sends 10-Year-Old Superfan the Train of His Dreams!

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WARNING: You may want to have a box of tissues ready before you watch this awesome video, because it’s so sweet that your heart will most likely melt to the point of tears. When James, a 10-year-old LEGO fan, saved up his money for two years to purchase the The Emerald Night Train, he was devastated to find out that it had been discontinued by the time he could purchase it. He then decided to write a letter to the company asking if they had any suggestions how to go about finding one of these now collector’s items. What he got, however, was more than a simple response — it was The Emerald Night Train sent to his house as a complete surprise! Check out the video above to see James’ amazing reaction and hear him read the letter LEGO’s consumer services included with the package. Kudos to you, LEGO!

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