James Franco Shows Off Old Home Footage in ‘Can’t Say Goodbye’ Video

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This star is not only handsome now, but he was an adorable baby, too! In one of his many entertainment ventures, James Franco recently released a music video for the tune “Can’t Say Goodbye,” off his upcoming EP. The video is set to some old school home movie footage, and yes, that is him singing) Starting off with James as a baby, it shows the Spring Breakers star’s evolution into a handsome young man. However, while the video has some adorable moments, there’s actually a sad story that lead James to write this tune. James told MTV, “The song is really sad for me, actually. When I was in Detroit, my father died, so I wrote a song kind of about it. I feel like the lyrics aren’t super-explicit so it can be kind of a goodbye to anyone. That was the inspiration, and then my mother had recently dug up all the home movies that she had, so we thought it would be a good connection if we used those images for this song.” Aw! Watch the cute video above, and let us know what you think of baby James in the comments!

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