James Franco and Ashley Benson Make Justin Bieber ‘Boyfriend’ Parody Video

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Well, this certainly isn’t something you see everyday. James Franco and his Spring Breakers co-star Ashley Benson collaborated on yet another project, but this time it involves Justin Bieber — sort of. The two (who were rumored to be dating late last year) star in this home made video where James dresses as Justin, and lip syncs to his song “Boyfriend.” James posted the video on his WhoSay account, where Ashley joins him — as she sports a long, dark haired wig — as they make their own version the video on a very low budget. As James sings along, it looks like someone is flashing a pink light all over his face to recreate some type of club scene. We’re not really sure what we just watched, but it’s good to know that actors — just like us — get bored and make silly home videos. Check out the whole vid for yourself above!

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