My Day, My Life: Behind the Scenes with Jake T. Austin!

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It was really difficult when we spent an entire day with Jake T. Austin. We pretty much had to stop ourselves from staring at him for hours straight. But someone’s gotta do it, right? And since our New Year’s Eve interview and our Wizards of Waverly Place interview with Jake just weren’t enough, this time we spent the entire day with him and put it into a nice little video for ya. Watch as Jake talks about the end of Wizards, getting the part in NYE and more. Oh, and we also got a front-row seat at Jake’s NYC press tour for the movie. And we didn’t hate it.

Watch My Day, My Life above!

Do you miss Jake on Wizards already? Did you catch him in New Year’s Eve? What would you ask Jake if you had a whole day to hang out with him? Share with us!

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