Jaden Smith Drops ‘Hello’ Music Video

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Jaden Smith has appeared on the big screen with his pops Will Smith, and collaborated with Justin Bieber, but he just dropped his very own music video. The 14-year-old just posted an artsy black and white vid for his song “Hello,” and it was actually directed by — believe it or not — Hannah Montana star, Moises Arias! Looks like little Rico has come a long way since his Disney days.

The video features Jaden on the streets of NYC, walking around the subway, and chilling by graffitied walls. Check out some of the lyrics to the track below.

Huh Hello (hello)
Eh hello (hello)
How you doing there? Hello (hello)
Like hello (hello)

Like hello
My name is Jaden and I am a young fellow
I like to keep it mellow, I like to make friends and make trends a tender
Young school gangsters, young romances girl
This is your cants, it’s a long shot
Should be tryin’ to hit you both but it’s a long shot
Because I’m tryin to rock the mic and yellow bone stop
I’mma keep rappin’ ’bout this love until this song stop
Cause we’re just young and dumb and numb and long capacity flung from me in the last city
Hun, you one of the last pretty girls that ain’t cash greedy, models that’s mad skinny
You was that bad ticky
Girl, it’s a vegetarian
Who hated the movies and loved to go to aquariums
And she was just sterrid and bearly feeling embarrassed
She put the mannequin careless who ran with lot of Paris like

Huh Man, Hello
Um, Hello
Hi, hello

Watch the video for yourself above, and tell us what you think about it in the comments section!

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