Meghan Interviews Jacqueline Emerson, aka The Hunger Games’ Foxface!

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Well would you look at us, interviewing all the Hunger Games newbies like its our job. Ok, it sorta is, but that doesn’t mean that Joey didn’t have fun interviewing Willow Shields (Prim) and Meghan didn’t enjoy her time with Jacqueline Emerson aka Foxface. Cause they did! And this time, Meghan’s chatting it up with the gorg red-head about who’d win the games IRL, who her dream co-star is, and her craziest fan encounter that involved pink footy pajamas. Oh, and they talked about fashion, too!

The vid above! Watch it!

Would you use the same tactic as Foxface in the games? Who would your dream co-star be? Tell us that and more in the comments!

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