Here Comes Your First Set of Hardcore Insurgent Feels!

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After what feels like waiting forever, the first Insurgent teaser trailer is here and we LITERALLY cannot even handle it!

If you thought Divergent was dark, wait until you see what this bad boy has to offer. The entire teaser solely features Tris (Shailene Woodley) trying to save her mom, Natalie Prior (Ashley Judd), from what we can only assume are her own internal fears. While the sequence may just be in Tris’ head, it doesn’t undermine the fact that your heart will ache while watching her struggle to help her mother.

Once you get past the sound of your heart breaking, you’ll be overwhelmed with Shai’s killer stunts and the unreal special effects that inundate the film. You guys — this movie is going to be UNREAL!

Check out the full teaser trailer above!

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