The Insurgent Cast Plays the Slang Phrases Game (VIDEO)

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You may think the cast of Insurgent is SUPER cool (we do, too!!), but it turns out they’re really not. Well, as least when it comes to knowing the hot new phrases that kids these days are saying…

If we say, ‘OMG! The Insurgent cast is totes on fleek! Theo is bae. We saw the movie and we literally can’t even. You didn’t like it? Bye, Felicia!,’ you’d know we’re actually saying: ‘The Insurgent cast is totally cool! Theo is hot. We saw the movie and we can’t handle how great it was! You didn’t like it? Bye! No one cares what you think.’ But if Shailene, Miles, Ansel and Theo heard the same phrase, they might be more than a little confused.

Our friends over at Clevver conducted one of the funniest interviews of all time where the cast has to use hip new slang to describe the new movie. And, you guys…they struggled SO hard!! Check it out above!

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