Watch the Second Trailer for Chloe Moretz’s New Movie If I Stay (VIDEO)

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While the first trailer for If I Stay probably gave you chills, the second trailer will, well, probably do the same — but for a totally different reason! SPOILER ALERT: Those who read the Gayle Forman book the movie is based on know the entire premise of the story revolves around a terrible accident Mia (Chloe Moretz) and her family get into. But in this trailer, you simply see a depiction of Mia’s ‘Best Day’ where she feels completely happy and calm.

For the people who haven’t read the book,  simply watching this trailer may be a little bit confusing and give them false hope as to what they’ll get from the movie. Seriously, though — after watching this video, you’d have no idea that the movie is a heartbreaking saga!

Although the trailer is kinda misleading if you ask us, it’s still beautifully done and makes us super excited to see the film! Check it out above!

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