14 of the Most Insane Moments from the Hungers Games Franchise

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It’s been a wild four years since the first Hunger Games movie hit theaters back in March 2012. We still remember the day we sat there innocently munching on popcorn only to get full-body chills the moment Katniss Everdeen screamed, “I volunteer as tribute!” ACK — we have goosebumps just thinking about it. From that moment on, being a fan of the THG film franchise left us shedding countless tears, sweating tons of sweat and having mini heart attacks more times than we can count. *sigh*

And even though we’ve seen all the the movies and read every book multiple times, we’re still taken aback by some of of the crazy moments Suzanne Collins came up with for the story — Katniss’ bow and arrow skills! When Peeta volunteered for Haymitch! Johanna’s elevator striptease! Check out the video above to see all of the OMG scenes from the YA franchise.

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