Learn Your Way Into House of Anubis Star Brad Kavanagh’s Heart! (Exclusive Video)

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No, you’re not the only one whose mom won’t stop texting you. And no, you’re not the only person in the world to ever have a tragically bad outfit. In fact, these things even happen to your favorite TV stars, like the cast of Nick’s House of Anubis.

VIDEO: Meet the cast and learn dirty secrets about the House of Anubis show.

Check out our exclusive video to see what Nathalia Ramos, Jade Ramsey and the super cute (and British accent-baring) Brad Kavanagh had to say about their teen years, which as you know, can be just as awkward as they are deliciously fun!

Oh, and, don’t miss Brad telling you how to win him over. (It’s easier than you might think!) Read on to start watching!

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