Prank Off: Putting Hot Sauce in Cat’s Ketchup!

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Oh well hello there! For this week’s Prank Off, I decided to prank my dear friend Cat aka Catrific! We went to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory (YUM!), and while Cat went to the bathroom really quick, my friend Doug and I put a little (OK, a LOT!) of hot sauce in Cat’s ketchup!

After she got back, she was talking about what kind of cheesecake she wanted, then started digging into the fries. And of course, she used the ketchup! LOL, she seriously was so grossed out. I felt kind of bad so even I tried some of the hot sauce ketchup and it was so freaking hot! OMG! My tongue was on FIRE!

Watch the video above to see the whole prank go down, and tell me who I should prank next in the comments!

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