Watch Hilary Duff’s Fun “All About You” Music Video

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When we first heard Hilary Duff’s second single, “All About You,” we knew the music video would be killer. And now that the vid’s officially out, it’s safe to say we were 100 percent correct!

Unlike “Chasing The Sun,” Hil’s second music video is a little more adult while still maintaining fun, party vibes. The story basically goes like this: Hilary takes a photo of a guy she thinks is cute, and then tries to find him based on an album he left behind. In the meantime, however, we also get everything from Coyote Ugly throwback dance moves to a super-fun road trip that’d make even the Crossroads girls jealous.

If you were a little iffy about the route Hilary was taking for her next musical endeavors following “CTS,” we think “AAY” will steer you in the right direction. We love it!

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