Harry Styles Calls Kesha During Radio Interview After She Admits Her Crush On Him

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It’s been documented that Ke$ha digs One Direction‘s Harry Styles, but it looks like she’s coming face to face (sort of) with her crush! Though the two have already met, during a recent interview with BBC 1 Radio the “Die Young” singer was discussing her feelings for the boy bander when all of the sudden he was on the line!

For someone as wild and outspoken as Ke$ha, you can definitely tell she’s a little nervous talking to him! (Skip to 1:15 to see the good stuff start). When the interview asks Ke$ha how much she fancies him on a scale of one to 10, she replies with “10” and BAM! Harry’s on the line!

Calling from their tour bus, Ke$ha apologies and says it’s embarrassing, but Harry says it’s only embarrassing for her! The interview then has her ask some standard first date questions, like his favorite color. And it looks like they both like green!

They also talk about their star signs and much more. Watch the adorable vid above!

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