Harry Styles Unzips Pants to Reveal New ‘Brasil’ Tattoo (VIDEO)

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Sorry, let us finish that sentence for you — Harry Styles unzips his pants, reveals his little… tattoo! (Haha, got ya!) WARNING: This video may cause heart palpitations, excessive sweating and death more heart palpitations.

Okay, well maaaaaybe that’s a little bit dramatic, but it really is EVERYTHING. Brazilian Directioners were given a little more than they bargained for when Harry Styles decided to show off his latest ink while on stage during the Where We Are world tour. Sounds pretty innocent, especially seeing as Harry is a walking sketchpad for tattoos, right? Wrong! The tat is conveniently located on the singer’s upper thigh, which means he had to unbutton his skinny jeans and pull them past his boxer-briefs to show the audience. Oh. Em. Gee!

As expected, the crowd went IN-sane when Mr. Styles stripped down to his skivvies and then freaked out again when they saw the name of their country permanently etched on his body. No, like seriously, the screams you’ll hear in the video are more closely related to those in a horror flick than at a pop concert. Obviously you need to check it out ASAP.

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