This Harry Potter Rap from The Roots Will Make Your Day

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All aboard the Hogwarts Express rap! On The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, the late-night talk-show host got a request in his suggestion box asking to combine Harry Potter and rap. And Jimmy, of course, obliged the request. Sung by The Roots, here are some of the awesome lyrics:

Magical young man from the badlands
On the run from the prisoner of Azkaban
Hey, Hermione was like his best friend
And his homeboy Ron was his right hand

When students at the school started turning petrified
Harry and the squad knew the way to rectify
Magic wand, golden child on the special side
Play a quick game of Quidditch as an exercise

For more of The Roots’ epic HP rap, watch the video above from The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon! Trust us, it’ll legit make your day.

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