Happy Birthday, Ryan Gosling!

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Happy 32 birthday, Ryan Gosling! Though Ryan is known for movies such as The Notebook and Crazy, Stupid, Love., he managed to have quite the career before he became a household name and an A-list leading man. The birthday boy got his start on The New Mickey Mouse Club on Disney channel back in the early 90’s (along with Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears, maybe you’ve heard of them?) and mesmerized many with his epic dance moves and amazing singing voice. For Ryan’s big day, we thought we’d take a quick walk down memory lane, and remember what life was like for RyGos before he became who he is today.

This first video was recorded at a Mormon talent show before he was on The New Mickey Mouse Club. In fact, it’s believed that this video was the reason he was even able to audition in the first place! He starts off singing, “When a Man Loves a Woman,” then proceeds to bust out some awesome break dancing moves.

Next, we have a vintage interview with a TV station from his native Canada, where they ask him all about how his time on The New Mickey Mouse Club has been. How adorable is that accent?!

Speaking of Canada, on an episode of NMMC, Ryan takes the cameras back to his hometown of Cornwall, Ontario and gives an inside look at what his like was like as a teen.

This video is from an opening segment of NMMC, where Ryan and Justin Timberlake chat up musical group Xscape.

And last but not least, watch a group performance with Ryan, and former N’Sync’ers JC Chasez and JT!

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