Is Hallway Swimming the Next Big Thing?

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The first big Internet fad this year was the Harlem Shake, and though Gallon Smashing tried to be a “thing” it failed pretty miserably. However, it looks like the next big trend has possible been found. Fittingly called “Hallway Swimming” it’s pretty much exactly how it sounds.

In this video dubbed the “original,” a teenager goes back and forth between lockers on either side of the hallway, and slips back and forth to give the illusion that he’s swimming. This one seems pretty harmless, but so did Planking back in the day, and there were plenty of injuries that surfaced from that one. We guess you just have to make sure the floor is plenty slippery, and you’re fully covered so you don’t get any floor burn. Also, you’re probably going to want to protect your wrist some how. It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt!

OK, we know we sound like concerned mothers, but we just want everyone to be safe if they decide to recreate an Internet trends! Is that so much to ask? Check out the video above to see the whole thing go down.

What do you think of “Hallway Swimming”? Is this the next big thing? Sound off in the comments section!

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