Guy Recreates ‘The Notebook’ Kissing Scene With Random Girls

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Have you ever dreamed of recreating that famous kissing in the rain scene from The Notebook IRL? Well, this is proof that it can happen to you! Recently, a guy appeared to be picking girls to participate in a random survey about kissing, but when the subject of kissing in the rain came up, water magically began falling from the sky.

He started off by asking if they had kissed someone under the mistletoe, if they’ve done the upside down Spider-Man kiss, or kissing in the rain. He then asked which was the most romantic, to which many of them replied with kissing in the rain. After they responded, he was “So if the opporutnity presented itself, would you kiss someone in the rain,” with many of the girls replying yes.

So, do girls actually take the bait and kiss the guy in the “rain”? Most girls start cracking up, but watch the video above for yourself to see what goes down!

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