Guy Does Hilarious Dance to ‘Landslide’: Then & Now!

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Have you ever danced around in your room to a song and took it, like, really seriously? This guy has, and not only did he record it, but he decided to recreate the dance 10 years later and record that too! A guy named Tyler Marcum recorded himself doing an interpretive dance to the Dixie Chicks‘ song “Landslide” in his college bedroom at 20 years old, and did it once again now that his 30th birthday is approaching.

Tyler wrote: “When I was 20 I filmed an interpretive dance to Dixie Chicks’ “Landslide” in my college bedroom – and in my underwear. I turn 30 in a week and couldn’t think of a better homage to my twenties than a sensible mashup. #I’mGettingOlder2″

Watch the hilarious video for yourself above!

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