Watch Greyson Chance’s “Sunshine & City Lights” Music Video!

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Train rides, water balloons, disposable cameras, bikes and star gazing — that’s what a date with Greyson Chance is like in his new music video for “Sunshine & City Lights.” Though we don’t see Ariana Grande anywhere (like in “Unfriend You“), we’d totally place this vid on the top of our Greyson pile because it’s so romantic. See the MV from the Truth Be Told (Part 1) EP, and sing along with the lyrics below!

It’s taking us downtown
You’re watching me, watching me, watching me go
But I never listen
No I never let you know

Now heading uptown
Is there something or nothing you wanted to say?
’cause I need to go now
Do you want me to stay?
I said stay

What you need to know
Is to try and let it go, let it go
What you need to find
Is someone who never will let you go

And oh oh 
Sunshine and city lights will guide you home
And oh oh 
Yeah you gotta know that I’ll never you go

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