Raven Symone on Her New Show And Getting Rejected by Justin Bieber (Exclusive Video)

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Raven Symone wins our Teen.com Award for Coolest Celeb Ever. Seriously. In the 30 minutes we spent with the Great State of Georgia star, we probably LOLed, like, 15 times at her adorable mannerisms and hilarious one-liners. Yup, she’s just as funny in person as she is on TV.

And when she talked about her Twitter affair (or, uh, rejection) with Justin Bieber? We fell even more in love with our new girl crush. Peep the vid to find out about Raven’s new show, how she gets guys, and why she’s “down for whatever in a turtleneck sweater.”

How cute is Raven?! Are you going to watch her new show, The Great State of Georgia? Tell us in the comments!