‘Glee’ Sneak Peek: ‘This Is the New Year’

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Glee just returned on Thursday, but we’re already getting a sneak peek at next week’s episode! The show’s creator Ryan Murphy tweeted out this video and said, “SNEAK PREVIEW FROM NEXT WEEK’S “NAKED”: Glee’s tribute version of Ian Axel’s fantastic “This Is The New Year.” New fav.” The video is somewhat of a hybrid music video, as it shows sneak peeks from next week’s ep, but we also see the gang in a music video-type setting. The whole gang is dressed in black and white as they belt out the inspiring tune.

It looks like they do things a little late on Glee, since earlier this year they did the Thanksgiving show after Thanksgiving, and they’re doing a song about a new year when it’s almost February. But hey, those New Directions kids can do things however they please. Check out the video for yourself above.

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