Contrary to Popular Belief, Glee’s Actually NOT Over Just Yet!

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Tomorrow marks the two-month anniversary of Glee’s series finale episode, and while we know you’re still going through McKinley withdrawals, we have AMAZING news for you! Glee’s coming back — errrr, kinda. You can re-live the magic (and yes — some of the ‘WTF’ moments, too) with the entire sixth season of Gleerightthissecond!



In addition to the 13 episodes that the DVD contains, you’ll also get some super-special bonus features including that’ll warm every Gleek’s heart. We know — you wanna get to the store IMMEDIATELY, right? Well, if you can’t quite make it out at this moment, we have something that’ll help hold you over — an exclusive behind-the-scenes clip of Glee: The Final Curtain, in which the show’s actors and producers comment on where their characters end up after the five-year time jump. In the above, you’ll see Matthew Morrison talk about Mr. Schuester’s culmination as well as get inside the minds of those who decided to make Sue Sylvester Vice President of the USA.

Check out the bonus feature above and remember — Glee: The Final Season is available DVD now!

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