O-M-Glee! Watch the “Time” Promo for Season 4

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The first trailer for Glee, Season 4 left us with too many questions. Will Kurt stay in Lima? Will Sue become a mother? Are Rachel and Finn gonna get back together?! While we can’t answer everything just yet, you can rest a little easier tonight knowing these few tidbits from the new promo: 1. Yes, Sue does have her baby and he/she is adorbs! 2. Kurt’s still in Lima. For now, at least. 3. Kate Hudson‘s character has it out for Rachel. Then again, we already knew that from Lea Michele. Oh, and do we spy a transfer from The Glee Project? (Hey, Alex Newell!)

Watch the Gleeky commercial above, and be sure to watch the new season starting Thursday, September 13 at 9pm EST.

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