‘Glee Project’ Star Dani Shay Posts New Music Video, Reveals Relationship With Ali Stroker

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These two didn’t win The Glee Project, but they did find love! Dani Shay recently posted a new music video on YouTube for her tune “One” and revealed a bit of interesting news — she’s currently dating fellow Glee Project contestant Ali Stroker. Throughout the video, you see Dani cuddling and getting close with someone, but it isn’t until the 3:00 minute mark that viewers realize it’s Ali. In addition to the video declaring their love, Ali posted on her blog, writing, “I never expected to meet Dani and fall in love, and I especially never expected that I would want to share it with the world. Here I am. I couldn’t be more proud to share my love with all of you. No matter who you are. No matter what you think is or isn’t possible I am telling you that life’s surprises are the best gifts! I never thought I could have it all. It didn’t seem possible. I can say now, I feel like I got my fairy tale.” It’s definitely easy to see how in love these two are — just watch the video to see what we’re talking about!

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