Darren Criss Says Kurt Hummell Is a Better Kisser Than Rachel Berry (Exclusive Video)

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O-M-Glee we could not possibly love Darren Criss any more than we do right this very second! We met up with Darren aka Blaine aka head Warbler at his album signing in Los Angeles and, call us crazy, but we totally had kissing on the brain when we met him, hence our questions: Does he always make the first move like Blaine did with Kurt? What was his most romantic smooch like? And, most importantly, is Chris Colfer a better kisser than Lea Michele?

Find out the adorable answers (seriously, you’ll want to pinch his cheeks through the screen) in our exclusive Q&A!

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So, what did you think of the interview? Don’t you wanna smooch him yourself? Tell us your thoughts on Darren in the comments!