Who Wins Ashley Fink’s (Hilarious) Prom Date Challenge? (Exclusive Vid!)

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We’d pretty much kill to go to prom with any of the gleeks — girls included — and we’d pretty much do anything to get to do it. Including the three crazy things that these two random (yet cute?!) guys Nick and Parker did to convince Ashley Fink, aka Lauren Zizes, to take them to Glee prom. Step 1? Ask her out. Step 2? Serenade her. And step 3? Show off your moves.

So, which adorable dude wins the date to Glee prom? And, uh, why does Ashley “feel like Paula Abdul” while choosing? Watch the LOL-inducing vid!

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Who would you have chosen to go to prom with — Nick or Parker? Which gleek would be the best prom date and why? Spill in the comments!