Cute! Girl Gets Surprised With Taylor Swift Concert Tickets!

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Well this is just about the cutest video we've seen all day! Parents these days love to surprise their kids (and record it while it happens) but this one is particularly adorable. A mom recently was driving her daughter Chase home from the last day of school and gave her the shock of a lifetime (OK, lifetime might be premature since she's so young, but still) when she revealed they were going to a Taylor Swift concert! In fact, they were en route during the car ride when the video took place!

The video starts off with the mom talking to Chase about their last day of school plans that included sushi and some family time, and then slyly laid the surprise on her daughter. The reaction? At first it was disbelief, but when the news sank in, Chase was totally excited. She even gets a little teary eyed! Best mom ever? Pretty much! We bet she had a great time — Teen sure did when we went to see Ms. Swift!

Watch the video above to see the all the adorableness go down! How would YOU react if your parents did something like that? Sound off in the comments!

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