Bella Thorne, Max Schneider Funny or Die Video, ‘Sides and Rides’

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Life hasn’t always been easy for Bella Thorne. When the Shake It Up! star first moved to Los Angeles, she “was just another 8-year-old with big dreams” but could not book a gig. Thankfully, pal Chloe Moretz hooked her up — with Sides and Rides.

‘Sides refers to an incomplete script that actors read off of for auditions. ‘Rides’ refers to the lovely man you’re about to see in the above video who drives up-and-coming talent to those auditions. “There are about 110,000 actors in L.A.; 30,000 of ’em are minors without a driver’s license.”

Max Schneider‘s a proponent for Sides and Rides as well: “People always ask me where I do my training, and I always say the same thing: Bumper-to-bumper traffic on the 134 West.” Learn more via Funny or Die‘s latest video above!

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