The Fooo Conspiracy Proves That Boy Bands Can Still Dance in “Don’t Tell ‘Em” Cover Video

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Like everyone else, Jeremih‘s “Don’t Tell ‘Em,” featuring YG, has been on repeat in our minds since before summer 2014 even began. And it looks like it’s not gonna stop anytime soon what with The Fooo Conspiracy‘s new cover of the tune. Or, should we say, DANCE cover?!

Unlike the other boy bands of today — we’re looking at you, One Direction — the Swedish foursome, comprised of Omar Rudberg (16), Felix Sandman (16), Oscar Enestad (17) and Oscar Molander (17), absolutely kill it with their movements. Talk about ~*sKiLLz*~. The guys even incorporate parkour into their choreography!

Watch the action unfold in The Fooo Conspiracy’s “Don’t Tell ‘Em” dance cover above!

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