Flashback Friday: 16-Year-Old Taylor Swift Learns to Drive

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We've watched Taylor Swift grow up before our very eyes, but we can bet you've never seen her like this before! For today's Flashback Friday, we dug up this video of a 16-year-old Taylor, and we hate to say — she's kiiiiind of annoying.

So, we're not exactly sure why this was even filmed in the first place, but things start off with Taylor singing (duh), then we get to know a little bit about her. The video REALLY starts getting good about 53 seconds in. The alarm goes off in Taylor's childhood bedroom, and we see her get ready for a day at school where she has THREE alternate outfits picked out in addition to the one she was wearing.

Then, she talks about being emotionally attached to her black choker (it's OK Taylor, I went through the same thing in 2005…) When it's time to go to school, Taylor drives a…wait for it…HUMMER! She continues to reveal that she failed her learner's permit test three times (actually, so did I…) and says she hates stop signs. Um, OK?

After that, she actually gets to school — with a Starbucks in hand — and she shows off her competitive side in class. For all that and MUCH more, watch the video above!

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She sure has come a long way…

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