Flashback Friday: Lucy Hale on ‘American Juniors’!

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We all know and LOVE Lucy Hale thanks to her turn as Aria on Pretty Little Liars, (we're still reeling from the PLL Halloween ep, BTW) but did you know what she did before making it big on the ABC Family show? Well, she took part in the 2003 singing competition, American Juniors!

That's right, Lucy showed off her pipes on the show that was basically American Idol for younger kids. Heck, it was even hosted by Ryan Seacrest! A braces-clad Lucy took the stage to sing a number of tunes, but we wanted to share her performance of "I'm Gonna Make You Love Me" with you on this Flashback Friday. Ah, nostalgia.

Lucy showed off her star power early on, as she "won" the competition and was placed in a singing group with the other four winners. We're not exactly sure what those people are up to, but Lucy has made her mark on Hollywood for sure.

This also just proves that Lucy's upcoming album is going to be great! To get a small peek at Lucy's vocal chops — and do some serious reminiscing — watch the video

Lucy Hale make up tutorial!

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