Fifth Harmony’s “Miss Movin’ On” Single (LYRICS)

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They’re considered one of the best music groups of the moment (vote for ’em here!), yet the girls of Fifth Harmony have yet to release original music… until now, that is.

Dinah-Jane Hansen, Ally Brooke, Camila Cabello, Normani Hamilton and Lauren Jauregui just released their first single off their debut album, titled “Miss Movin’ On,” and its got ‘girl power’ written all over it. Take a listen above, then tell us your thoughts in the comments!

I’m breaking down gonna start from scratch
Shake it off like an Etch A Sketch
My lips are saying goodbye
My eyes are finally dry

I’m not the way that I used to be
I took the record off repeat
You killed me, but I survived
And now I’m coming alive

I’ll never be that girl again
No, I’ll never be that girl again
My innocence is wearing thin
But my heart is growing strong
So call me, call me, call me

Miss Movin’ On(x2)

I broke the past surrounding me (surrounding me)
I ain’t the way you remember me (remember me)
I was such a good girl, so fragile
But no more

I jumped the fence to the other side
My whole world was electrified
Now I’m no longer afraid
It’s independent state (It’s independent state)


Everything is changing
And I never wanna go back to the way it was
I’m finding who and who I am
From here on in is gonna be enough
Is gonna be enough


Miss Moving ‘On
Miss Moving ‘On
Miss Moving ‘On
Miss Moving ‘On

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