You’ll Never Guess What the Hardest Part of Filming Fantastic Four was for Miles Teller

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When you saw Fantastic Four this summer, you were probably immediately taken aback by the incredible cast. Miles Teller! Michael B. Jordan! Kate Mara! So. Much. Talent! But once you got past that, it was also easy to get distracted by the in-SANE special effects. Nothing says ‘epic’ like fire, explosion and space travel, amiright? But while you may think the crazy stunts that Miles and the rest of the crew had to do were the most challenging part of filming, it turns out that the 28-year-old actor actually had to put in a ton of work to look like an expert in another field: science.

Yes, Reed Richards is a super nerd who knows all there is to know about physics and chemistry, but the star who plays him had to learn to fake the knowledge so well that he’d be believable on screen. Now that’s impressive — it’s hard enough for us to even do our science homework!

In the video above, which we can exclusively show you from the film’s Blu-ray/DVD bonus features, you’ll see Miles talking about the work he did to fake it ’til he made it, as well as the research that had to be done before they could present the Quantum Gate on screen. Movies aren’t as simple as they look, folks!

Check out the full clip above and be sure to get Fantastic Four on Blu-ray & DVD today!

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