EXCLUSIVE: ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ Director on Kristen Stewart & SWATH Sequel (VIDEO)

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We sat down with the director of Snow White and the Huntsman, Rupert Sanders at Arundel Castle in England a few weeks back to talk about Kristen Stewart‘s amazing stunts in the film, how he decided to cast her and even what a SWATH sequel might look like.

Kristen has been vocal about wanting a sequel and Rupert gave us exclusive details on what the theme of a possible sequel would be (Hint: it might be more of a love story). “The sequel would probably have a bit more love in it, this is an all-out balls to the wall action adventure movie.”

We also overheard him talking about politics and corruption being a strong possible sequel theme. And then of course Chris Hemsworth hinted at a prequel instead of a sequel, so we really don’t know what will happen, but we’re definitely rooting for a sequel vs. a prequel.

When we asked him about the film’s more subtle love triangle between Snow White, Prince William (Sam Claflin) and the Huntsman, his response was, “Love is in there in a very small dose, but we’re not doing a Twilight love triangle here.”

Unfortunately, Rupert got a little turned around when talking Twilight, calling Jacob’s character a fox instead of a werewolf. Once you see ‘Snow White’ you’ll see Rupert obviously had a lot on his mind making an intense action flick that is also stunningly beautiful. In fact, we’d love to see him direct a Twilight movie.. too bad there are none left. There’s always Midnight Sun!