EXCLUSIVE: ‘Let It Shine’ Star Coco Jones Interview (VIDEO)

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Have you ever had one of your friends take credit for your work? Not so fun, is it? But that’s exactly what happens in Disney Channel’s newest original movie, Let It Shine, when Kris (Trevor Jackson) is attributed for his BFF Cyrus’ (Tyler James Williams) lyrics in a song-writing competition. To make matters even worse, Kris seems to start winning over Cyrus’ crush.

We got the inside scoop from Let It Shine‘s star, Coco Jones, who plays that crush we were talking about, Roxie! But that’s not all she’s dishing on; our host, Joey Graceffa, asks her the most intimate details about her life, like how she got her start in singing, what’s up next for her… and what animal she’d create if she could combine three (totally normal question, we know).

Watch the video to get the dish on Let It Shine, which premieres TONIGHT on Disney Channel!