EXCLUSIVE: Chris Hemsworth SWATH Interview

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We sat down with Chris Hemsworth at Arundel Castle in West Sussex, England just days (or maybe, day) after his and his wife welcomed baby India to the world in London! Find out what he thinks his character in Snow White and the Huntsman is most afraid of, what he is afraid of himself and which role he enjoyed more, Thor or the role of the Huntsman. Chris also reveals what qualities he looks for in a woman, not that you have a chance with him. Sorry, just saying.

“Look, we all have a physical appear that we’re attracted to, and that’s varied, but that only lasts so long,” he said. “It’s about what’s in here [gestures to heart] and for me, is someone with a great sense of humor, kind, likes to have a good time, someone who is fun to be around.”

Watch our interview with Kristen Stewart and come back next week for exclusives with Sam Claflin, Charlize Theron and Rupert Sanders. Snow White and the Huntsman is in theaters June 1.