EXCLUSIVE: Blake, Abraham and Charlie From ‘The Glee Project’ Interview (VIDEO)

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We’re obsessed with a little show called The Glee Project and were thrilled when contestants Blake Jenner, Abraham Lim and Charlie Lubeck stopped by our studio for an interview. Watch above to hear them talk about this season, their favorite part of being on the show and more. Charlie talks about the reason he has had a few bumps on the show — he has a social disability that he didn’t want to reveal during filming and they also told us that even though it’s a little surprising to see what some of the contestants had to say about each other during the one-on-one interviews, everything is forgiven and they wouldn’t trade the experience for anything.

As for their musical careers after the show, we asked them who would be their dream duet. Abraham wants to collaborate with Muse, Adele or Britney. Charlie would love to do something with Sigur Ros (so cool, right?), Elie Goulding or Iron and Wine and Blake would love to sing with Gavin Degraw or The Cab. Watch to see if any of these guys get eliminated tonight on Oxygen!

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