Exclusive Interview With ‘Parental Guidance’ Star Bailee Madison!

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It’s been quite the year for Bailee Madison, and she’s topping it off by starring in a movie with some Hollywood icons! The adorable actress is currently starring in Parental Guidance (in theaters now!), with Billy Crystal and Bette Midler, and we were able to chat with her about the movie and a few other topics. In Parental Guidance, Bailee plays Harper, a teen who has her parents pushing her to be a perfect daughter, student, and violinist, but when her grandparents (played by Billy and Bette) come into town to watch her and her brothers for a few days, they manage to stir things up. They manage to get her to let loose and she learns a few lessons along the way. (Plus, there’s a hilarious scene where Bailee’s character shoves her fave into an ice cream cake!) We talked to Bailee about the movie, her holiday traditions, what it’s like to work with such famous actors and much more! Watch the interview above, and make sure to check out Parental Guidance, out now!

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