Prom With Emotistyle: How to Up-Do It Yourself!

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Now that you are acquainted with the hilarious duo behind our new BFFs Emotistyle, we think it’s the perfect time to bring you video 2 in our #Emotiprom series — Up-Do It Yourself! Get it? Like hair tips? On how to do an updo for Prom? So. Clever. So whether you’ve got curly hair or straight, Molly and Shamikah will give it to ya straight, with their usual humor mixed in. Thanks for that, ladies.

Oh, and if you missed the first video on how to find a dress on a budget, check it out right here! And then, watch vid number two right up there!

How are you doing your hair for prom? Like Molly and Shamikah’s styles?

And make sure to come back every Wednesday in April at 7pm ET for more Prom Tips from Emotistyle! Oh, and subscribe to their channel right here!

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