Emma Watson Talks About Her “Very Tongue-y” First Kiss in ‘Perks’ Interview with Director Stephen Chbosky

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You asked the questions, and now, we’re here to give you the answers from our exclusive with… Emma Watson! As you can probably tell, we’re all about The Perks of Being a Wallflower, so when we interviewed the all-star cast — including Nina Dobrev! — we made sure not to leave anything out. This time around, we got Emma to reveal everything from her first-kiss story (which was “tongue-y” and “dishwasher”-like, WTF?) and writing books, to transitioning from Harry Potter‘s Hermione to Perks’ Sam and the hardest word she had to say in an American English accent. (HINT: She mentions the word a few times on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.)

Watch the interview with Emma above, along with her Perks director, Stephen Chbosky, and be sure to get more details on Emma’s character right here. Oh, and check out the movie when it hits theaters this Friday, September 21! P.S. Stay tuned for the rest of our interviews with the Perks cast coming soon!

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