EXCLUSIVE: Emma Stone Proves Her Awesomeness; Surprises Fans of ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ (VIDEO)

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You guys. You guys! Emma Stone is rad. A few weeks ago, we pulled off a huge surprise for her new movie ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ and we finally get to let you in on what it was.

We invited six Emma Stone fans: Julia, Leann, Vikki, Laurie, Halle and Natalia to the Crosby Street Hotel in Soho, NYC for a super-secret early screening of the film on June 8th (long before the movie’s July 3 release date). Emma was there that day doing press for the movie and was cool enough to stop by (with Andrew!) and surprise them right after they saw the movie.

After the initial shock wore off, the girls got into the swing of asking Emma all kinds of questions about the movie from what her favorite scenes to film were, a possible sequel, and what it was like working with Andrew “He’s a great actor, so it was pretty great.”

The cuteness in this video rivals the cuteness seen in this exclusive clip from the movie where Peter (Andrew) asks Gwen (Emma) out in the school hallway. But nothing is as cute as this interview with both of them where they talk about bunny rabbits, mashed potatoes and making their beds.

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