Emma Stone Talks Andrew Garfield on ‘The Ellen Show’ (VIDEO)

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It seems a bit strange, doesn’t it? When Andrew Garfield went on The Ellen Show, he danced like a fool nobody’s business (for charity); when Emma Stone was recently interviewed by Ellen DeGeneres, she sat comfortably in a chair. Seems like her funny-girl antics and his more calm demeanor are rubbing off on each other, eh? But don’t think Emma’s segment was any less awesome than her boyfriend’s. In fact, we were pretty much LOL-ing the entire time.

During Emma’s time on the show, Ellen showed a clip from the last time the Gangster Squad actress was on TES where she was dared to inconspicuously dance behind unknowing people behind the scenes. Girl sure can move. Later, they got to talking about Andrew’s beaut dance moves, which Emma called “the best” (and Ellen quickly shot down). But at least that was a good seque into the topic of The Amazing Spider-Man sequel — which begins shooting this week! — and her on- and off-screen love.

Ellen asked, “How did y’all get along? Did you get along okay?” Emma’s response: “He’s all right. He’s fun.” Ellen continued, “Do you keep in touch? Do you ever call and go, ‘What’s up? Let’s have lunch or something’?” Emma: “It depends on the day… I usually just mind my own business.” That Gwen Stacy is a coy one. Watch the interview above!

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