Craft-Teen: Embroidered Earbuds DIY!

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Last week on Craft-Teen, Ashley Adams and special guest Meghan showed us how to make a Minecraft wallet, and this week they’re showing us how to spruce up our earbuds! That’s right, if you’re getting tired of your plain earbuds, Ashley has a way to make them fun for summer.

The supplies for this craft include: headphones, tape, scissors, clear nail polish, and string.

1. Take your headphones and tape the end with the plug down on a table.
2. Measure out the length of the cord of your headphones with your string. Then make sure you have enough string for 4 or 5 of those lengths.
3. Take the string you measured out and split it down the middle.
4. Take the middle and tie it in a double knot around the top of your cord.
5. Always start with the right string. Take the right string and place it under the cord and over the left string.
6. Then take your left string and go over your wire and under your right string.
7. Then pull up and make your first knot. Then continue down the cord.
8. Cut the ends off the string without undoing the knot. Then apply clear nail polish to solidify the ends.

And voila! You’ve got your very own pair of cute, embroidered earbuds! For more, watch the video above, and stay tuned for another episode of Craft-Teen next Sunday at 4 PM ET!

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