Ed Sheeran Releases Insanely Fun Music Video for His Single, “Sing!” (VIDEO)

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It’s finally here, Sheerios! The music video for Ed Sheeran’s first single off his upcoming album, x has just been released and, well, it’s verrrrrry interesting.

Although he recently released another video for “All of the Stars” from The Fault In Our Stars that probably made you sob, this one will do quite the opposite. In typical Ed fashion, the video is more of a spoof than anything else, with a red-headed puppet playing the main character. Puppet Ed is is clearly famous, riding in a stretch hummer limo with a bunch of gorgeous models dancing to his catchy tune. Ed’s hilarious alter-ego has killer dance moves, but we personally prefer when regular Ed appears on screen simply playing his guitar on a retro background. Prodcuer Pharrell Williams also makes an appearance in the video and he, Ed and Puppet Ed all end up having an incredibly entertaining hang-sesh that we seriously wish we were invited to.

Check out the insanely fun music video above and be sure to pick up Ed’s new album x when it hits stores on June 23!

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